Remove administration rights from users

Dear Drupal support,

I am the webmaster of the PhotoClub website based at CERN. I am member of CERN’s personnel and not an external member.

Recently, after the new committee voted in January, i had to renew the access rights to the website. With big surprise i saw plenty of users to have access rights to the website, means that they can edit the website without be authorised.
Could you please let me know how to remove access rights from specific people who are not anymore involved in the club or they have no right to update the website?

Thanks in abvance!

Hi there

In general this should be managed via e-groups; i.e. if someone is not a member of an e-group, they do not have the permissions specified for that e-group. If you want to edit specific users, you can do so via admin/people once logged in on your website. You can also manage groups via