Remove "by" in News Full Content layout


is it possible to remove or change the word “by” in the news full content layout in the author field?


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Hello Nadine,

The word “By” indicates the author of the article.

In order for it not to appear, all you have to do is:

  1. Navigate to Manage Display of the content type that you visited
  2. Click on “Full Content” or the display you are using the pattern
  3. Move the field that is under “Author” to “Disabled”
  4. Save

Hope that helps. Let me know if it is clear.


Hello Konstantinos,

That means that there is no option to change the word “by”, instead you have to not use the field. Did I get that right?

I want to add a category in that place. Can you add a space in the field between the categories (those are taxonomy terms, some articles can have multiple categories)?
image Author field
image Strap field

What would also interests me: Is it possible to add a space between the image and the body, when there is no caption added? Because it looks really close together…

And do you have an overview of the CERN Icons from the CERN Full HTML format? I can’t find the table in the drupal-tools site anymore.


Hello Nadine,

Sorry for the late answer.

Yes. This specific field is used specifically for setting an author.

Can you give a page example for that? In the screenshot its not so visible what you mean.

Here you go.


Hi Konstantinos,

No problem :slight_smile:



I can retell me problem:

I added a Entity reference field called ‘News Type’ (with my taxonomy terms ‘News Article Type’) to the Content Type ‘News’. An article could have more than one taxonomy assigned (e.g. example above: it could be an article about a School, Bananas and Tortillas). When I put the ‘News Type’ Field in the Strap Field in News Full Content, it would display like this

So my question is, is it possible to have a nicer display when you add more than one Taxonomy by adding somehow a space and a comma between the terms, so that it would display like this:

School, Bananas, Tortilla

I changed the config of the ‘News Type’ Field so that you can only add one taxonomy to an article. So that is kind of solved, but it would still be nice know if I can change that back again to have more than one taxonomy term.