Remove link to node title in CERN theme landing page

I am using CERN theme with a landing page for the home page at

However I can’t figure out how to remove the link behind “Welcome”. I want to retain the title, just not have it linked.

Behind the scenes, it’s:

Any clues?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Right. Solution found… at least this works for short text (I still don’t know how you’d remove the link if you wanted a proper node there).

The answer is to NOT use “main column content” and call a node; you need to in fact add a web component and put your text there instead.

Thus going from:


… and that removes the node title link in the landing page, because there is no more node to link to.

As I said, this only works for small chunks of text - so OK in my case - but I guess any node content will still require a different approach.


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Hey Cath,

Glad that you found an answer, but still looks that there is something wrong with the configuration.

I will have a look as soon as e-groups sync and I have access (hopefully before Drupal 9)…

Hello again Cath,

I had a look and here is the deal: What you see there is the page title. In Drupal 8 the page title is a block (in D7 it wasn’t), meaning that you can choose in which pages you want it to be present like a normal block.

By default, it is not present in Landing Pages, as in Landing Pages you can add your title in many different ways. I checked your configuration and for some reason the Page Title block is enabled in all Content Types, including Landing Page.

What I suggest is to exclude Landing Pages from showing titles and the title will be removed. If you want to have titles in your Landing Page, there are different other ways (Hero Frame, Text Component etc).

Hope that helps. Let me know if you need something else.



Phew. Thanks for locating that! I was in all sorts of areas, displays, modes… except that block one.

Thank you for the pointer!! :smiley: