Rename Drupal 7 project to free up DNS entry


I have a Drupal 7 website which has been replaced by a new Drupal 8 website (fresh website created, selected content moved manually).
I’d like to add an alias to the new website, but it’s the same name as the old Drupal 7 website and so I get the following error message:

Failed to create alias.
Reason: The name "alice-o2" is already used.

Is there a way to rename the old Drupal 7 website to release the name ?
I’d prefer not having to delete it for the time being in case we overlooked something in the migration.


Dear Vasco,

Open a ticket to Drupal infrastructure and ask the admins to archive your D7 website as alice-02-d7-archived and then to assign the alice-o2 name to your D8 website.

Dear Sotirios,

Thanks a lot for the suggestion, will do so.


I’ve received this request privately by Mattermost.
So I’ve created a Drupal 7 site, alice-o2-d7, you should receive soon the confirmation email.

The idea is to clone alice-o2 into alice-o2-d7 and then when everything is properly cloned, delete alice-o2 website to release the name and use it to generate the alias of the Drupal 8 site.

Does this work for you?


Hi Eduardo,

That works for me.
But in the meantime I have created the following ticket which is being handled by a colleague of yours:

Please make sure to synchronise with him.


ok, then let’s follow on the ticket.