Reporting Issues: Cloud / Drupal 9

How to address Issues while moving to Drupal Cloud

In the context of moving to the Cloud:

Your website will be available for preview at

If you notice any discrepancy or error on your website, please reach out to us here at the Drupal Community forum, “Move to SaaS” category.

How to address Issues during the Drupal 9 upgrade

The Drupal infrastructure has prepared the Drupal 9 version of the CERN Drupal Distribution and will create a preview of every website in Drupal 9. Websites that don’t use local modules will be upgraded automatically; we do not expect the upgrade to require any action from site administrators.

Sites with custom local modules are subject to their modules’ constraints regarding the upgrade, which are outside the control of the Drupal Infrastructure team.
Therefore we support the process by enabling the upgrade-status module in the Cloud version of your site (whether preview or already moved), which creates a Drupal 9 readiness report.
However, custom local modules will have to be updated by site administrators, as usual.

Please communicate to us here for any changes.