Restore backup

Can someone please point me to the latest instructions how to roll back a CERN Drupal website to a previous version (restore from a backup)?

Hello !

I believe there is no instructions in place, I’ll note it down so we can added it!

In the meantime, just going into the ,find your Drupal website, and there should be a Backup tab.

Under such you will find options to both backup but also restore a website from a version.
The field to restore from a previous version would be seen as Restore from backup , and then just select the backup you want to restore from.

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Hey @ldannesb,

You could use the web services portal to fetch a recent backup of your website. Here are the steps to follow :

  • Go to the Web services
  • Therein, click on my sites
  • Search for your website
  • Under Environments, switch to the Backup tab
  • Here you can
      1. Create new backup - fill in the backup URL and click on create
      1. Restore from backup - Choose the version from which you wish to fetch the backup and click restore

It can take a few hours for the website to restore and attain normal functionality. Please flush out the caches once the website is up and running.
(configuration → performance → clear caches)

I hope this helps.


Many thanks Francisco and Prakhar,

Two additional questions:

  1. Is there any reason that the “Create new backup” button is not active? I wanted to do the backup just in case before I restore the website from a previous version. Is this because the backup was already created automatically in the past 48 hours? I am trying to work on .

  2. The numbers in the backup versions correspond to the dates, is this correct? I.e., 20230510055657 corresponds to the backup version created on 10 May 2023?

Hey @ldannesb,

To answer your questions:

The infrastructure backs up your website every day, following a 24-hour cycle (Live website). To fetch a backup, you can enter the URL or backup reference name and click “create.”

For the second question,The backup nomenclature follows the YYYY-MM-DD format.

I hope this clears the air.

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Thanks again, Prakhar. Let me include a screenshot related to my first question. “Create” button is not active for some reason:

Hey @ldannesb,

I would like to clarify that there is no need to include the “https” header in the namespace when creating a backup. Simply provide the name you wish to give the backup and click on create.
For example, “atlas-secretariat-clone-1”.

I hope this clarifies any confusion.


Perfect! Thank you very much:)