Retrieving the contributions of a given Indico event

I’m new to Drupal and I am trying to build a new site. I have been successfully using the Indico Feed module to create content (events) from a given category.

Is there a way to also retrieve the contributions from a given event? That would be immensely useful to me.

Dear Cedric,

The Drupal Indico feeds module uses the categories API e.g. which doesn’t include the contributions.

Only the event API includes the contributions e.g. https://indico.server/export/event/137346.json?detail=contributions&pretty=yes

In order to keep the module light we use only the categories API which covers the most of the cases.

There are some websites that even this ‘light’ version produces a heavy workload since they pull events from more than 30 categories.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I understand your points; however, I think I could really benefit from it.

Would there be a way to consider a one-time import, not a regular periodic fetch?

The point of the module is to provide a link between Drupal and Indico by importing some basic details of your events and then redirecting you to the actual event’s page. It is not a replacement of Indico’s UI.

Some examples:

There is no point of bringing everything to Drupal or allocating resources to develop something that will be used only by a few users.

If you have developing skills or know someone in your group who is willing to help you then I will guide you on how you can implement this in your website without modifying the existing module.