Several issues after the website was migrated to Drupal 9


I have encountered couple of different issues while working on my website ( after the migration to Drupal 9:

  • The picture gallery does not work with newly added CDS pictures
  • One of the sections of landing page just disappeared (hero header), I’m sure I didn’t delete it
  • While trying to enter the CERN Infrastructure the error appears (please see the screenshot below)
  • An error appeared in the status report

Can I ask you for a short consultation via zoom?

Thank you very much for your help.
Best regards,

Hi Iga

Thanks for reaching out!

I believe we have covered this in our Zoom call, though if you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to either reply here or create a new thread.



I cannot access my website anymore,
The following error appear

Could someone help me?

Many thanks

Dear Natalia

“Permission by terms” is a Drupal version dependent. If your site is running over Drupal 8, install the version 8.x-2.34 over Drupal 9 3.1.16. The module isn’t compatible with 8 “and” 9 by the same major version.

best regards