Share button on the Events Card display

Hello! Is there any way to add a social media share button to the events card display on Drupal? I have already installed and enabled the “AddToAny” module, but the buttons do not appear. Is there any alternative solution, and is it in general possible to add this button?

Hi Anastasiia,

Did you see Add instagram icon on footer or Social Media (Feed) ? The answers look relevant to you, even if you don’t want to do exactly the same thing

Thank you Kostas! I am afraid I don’t find an answer, but let me show you what I am looking for specifically. In the picture below you can see the cards display for the events, and the blue squares mark the position of where we would like to have a social media share button. Do you know if it is possible to include the button to this display?

No unfortunately I don’t personally know. Maybe @pkatyaya from the Web team knows something?
Otherwise try to ping the people involved in those previous discussions.

Good morning guys, there is a way to add social media icons at the end of a view. Since the collision here uses a view to display them on the site, you can add social media icons to the end of the view. Something you can see in the Screenshot below

Thank you both so much! Unfortunately, I have seen the message too late, this is something I managed to come up with:

Prakhar’s style looks nice!

It is very nice indeed, but I really need a share button for every single event. This is the only way I found how to do so