SimpleSAMLphp Auth Settings doesn't work as expect

SimpleSAMLphp Auth Settings doesn’t work as expect, after adding a new attribute in “User info and syncing” for the Automatic role population. I added the new roles using the correct sintaxis (|administrator:egroups,=,alice-webmaster|alice_member:egroups,=,alice-member).I know that it should work because are the same attributte that I used in my first D8 test site with the only difference that that site was create during the pilot test of D8 infrastructure. In the new sites I also check that the site try to grant the role to the user because I get in the log this message ( Adding role alice_member to user rarteche) but for some reason the new roles is not assigned at the end.
Any Idea about this issue?
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Hi all,
I found the problem! In fact it was my fault, I forgot to define the role.
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