Site Cloning for Test

Hi there,

I am preparing for the Drupal 8 → 9 upgrade and tried to make a clone of the official site to test everthing.

Here is our site: ,which was built originally on the old infrastructure. There are several modules installed under the _webdav folder, instead of using Composer.

So, I created a cloned site via the new web interface by adding a new environment, as instructed in

This is the test site: , I found it crashes, and I checked that all the modules and themes are not cloned under the _webdav folder of the test site.

Could you help me by clarifying what is the proper way to create a test site? We did a lot of customization to this site and would like to make sure the upgrade can go smoothly.

Thank you in advance!

Dear Jiahui,

The steps that you’ve followed to create your test site are correct.

When cloning a site, there is a possibility to exceed the available disk size. We’re already aware of this issue and we’re working on its fix.

We’ve recreated the test site for you. It should work fine now.


Thanks a lot!