Site Name / Slogan


I would like to kindly ask your help wrt website

I’m trying to move the position of the Site’s name, “Diversity and Inclusion Programme” which is written in white letters on the top left of the website.

I would like to move it slightly lower (so that it does not hide the dots/design of the banner) but I can’t find how.

Could you kindly provide me with your advice

Thank you !


Hello Ioanna,

You can try something like this:{
    position: relative;
    top: 55px;

Let me know if this works.


This fully answers my question - uber-helpful
Thank you !!

Oops. I just notice there is an issue… Indeed the tweak you proposed changes the position of the site name… but only for the front page. Is there a way to change its position for all web pages of the website?

Hi Ioanna,

Just remove the h1 in front of site-name. The code should be:

.site-name {
position: relative;
top: 55px;

Thank you so much
That’s perfect - I actually did 75px in the end but works perfectly
Have a nice weekend & thanks again !!