Site not migrated to D9, with puzzling status report


While checking through ‘new releases available’ emails, I found one of my sites hasn’t been migrated to D9 yet. This was a surprise as I was absolutely positive this one had already been migrated, if not already at the very least fully prepared and ready.

However after examining the Upgrade Status report, there are several errors, none of which I understand. Could you help, please?

The site is and the report says:

I have absolutely no idea where or how to find these file locations; there is nothing matching those paths when looking via WebDav.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Cath,

When we “force” the D9 upgrade we automatically also replace your local version of the CERN theme with the latest one. This will resolve these issues.

Hi Cath

I understand your confusion, but no need to worry. Once your website is updated to Drupal 9, it will automatically pull the newest release which includes a much newer version of the CERN Theme. In other words: There is no need to try and fix any of these as they have already been resolved in newer versions which will automatically be applied once updated.


Hey @joachim and @kosamara

Wow those were quick-off-the-mark replies! Thank you both for the explanations! I can put my bemused bafflement to rest now :sweat_smile:


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