Site title always appear in English in multilingual site


Our site is proposed in 3 languages and the site title has been translated in each language in Basic Site Settings. The page name changes accordingly to the selected languages, but the title in the header is always displayed in English.


Any idea why and how to fix?



Hi Francois,

That’s weird. It seems like a bug.

There is a workaround though. Do the following:

  • Go to enter in String contains Science Gateway set Translation language French and click Filter
  • Enter the French translation in the empty field and save
  • Now change the Translation language to Italian and do the same
  • Clear caches and it should be ok

Do the same for Belgium website.

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Solution works thanks!

Hi @sboutas,

I also found out about this, but my solution involved disabling the site title on the general site settings, and enabling the Site Title block on the block layout settings.

The problem with this approach is that when one uses the Header region to show the site title block, this region is hard-coded to span only the 10 rightmost columns on the header area, so the other 2 columns on the left remain empty and can’t be assigned to anything.

Also, the title block will look unstyled, and extra theming has to be done to make it look like the native title and slogan of the site.

This in my opinion is a bug or design flaw on the CERN Theme. Anyway, your solution is better, just in case anyone ran into this same issue :+1: