Some links do not work on


On this page :

1, The first link : “Photosuissie 2019, The Winners of the club” works fine.
Goes to the page :

2, The second link : “Photosuissie 2019 : other entries”
Towards : fine IF YOU ARE LOGGED IN
B.does not work IF YOU ARE NOT LOGGED IN (and the page is not in your temp directory, I suppose).

I can not create a SNOW ticket, as I have a lightweight account. Sorry for that.
But the problem is there, please, please HELP !

–> I also cleared all caches, the problem stays the same.


Hello Pieter,

It happens because the node is unpublished. Unpublished nodes are not visible. When you log in, you see the node not because you are logged in but because you are an admin of the website and by default admins have access to see everything. So publish it and it will work.


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thank you.