Sort criteria in Teaser List


I created a Teaser List some time ago that displays the article news I’ve been publishing on my website. I wanted to sort them out by publishing date and to do that I tried to use “Content Publication Date” and “Post date” but with no success and I tried to use all the granularly options. Which sort criteria should I use in order to sort the list by publishing date?

And by the way, I understand that by clicking on “Expose this sort to vistors, to allow them to change it” it will create some kind of search bar. Which sort criteria can I use so visitors can locate an article by writing a keyword?


Hey @rcostaan,

For the first part of you question, you can use the Sort Criteria of your view and therein add criteria for “Publication Date”
To achieve this you need to click on the Add button and there in search for “Publication date” under “content” (Refer the screenshot below)

Once you have selected the criteria Content Publication Date configure it for the order you wish to display the content in (Refer the screenshot below)

Upon completing the above mentioned steps, click SAVE and refresh the page to fetch the output.

I hope this helps.