Strange behavior

Dear colleagues
The website staff-association is open, public access.
I have tried to add a menu with some content restricted to a specific role, however it does not work. All the content remains accessible to everybody.
I have already used this in other sites and works properly.
I do not understand the behavior.
Could someone help with this issue?
Thanks a lot

Hi Almudena,

We do have one menu item on that is only visible to signed-in CERN account holders only.

See : > Guided Tours > Private - members of the CERN personnel (does not appear if you are not signed-in) or simply click on:

The menu item and the page have the same URL.

The only thing I made is to modify the Grants of the page to Authenticated users only to be able to view the page.

The menu item follows the logic.



Another example is the future Guides website (

If you are not signed-in, no menus appear.
If you are signed-in, all menus appear.

For this, I have edited the Block that contains the main navigation menu and made it visible to authenticated users only.



Thanks a lot Francois, I will try in my menu.

Hi François,
I also want to do some restricted content but I have not the “Grants” tab as you. Do you have installed a specific module for that ?

Is it nodeaccess module ?

The best module in my opinion is the Content Access which is already provided by CERN’s central infrastructure.

It is already Drupal 9 ready and you won’t have problems with the upcoming migration.

I found that other similar modules like node access cause conflicts with other modules and I tend to avoid them.

OK, thanks.

It seems I was using nodeaccess, but follow Sotirios’ recommendation.

Best regards,