Subscribe and register - open questions

Dear colleagues

I would like to have information about 2 different topics:

  • subscribe, do you have some recommendation to allow people to subscribe to a node/ entity, etc…
  • for registration, if I use the CERN indico feeds, how can add a kind of button to allow people to be registered for an even

Thanks for your Drupal recommendations

Hi Almudena,

What do you mean by subscribe to a node/entity? What for?

For registering to an event, you can add the registration link to the Indico event’s body and then it will be pulled into your website.

I don’t know if the Indico API provides the registration link if exists. If yes then you need to create a new field in the Indico event content type “Register” and then to make some modifications to the CERN Indico Feeds module in order to map the field from the API to the newly created field.

If you choose this solution then you will have to maintain the custom version of the module.

Subscribe, I do not know if I use the right word, however I will try to explain my question.
Imagine that I have a type of news and someone would like to have a notification every time that I post a new type of this news.
And for that the person must click in a button that register his/her mail and the person will receive a notification when a new news is published.
Is it clear enough?

I have searched a bit and I found this module which send an email when new content is added to the website (either to roles or email adresses).

What you can do is to create an e-group with self-subscription policy where users with lightweight accounts can self-subscribe to it (similar to what we have done for bulletin). Then configure the module that every time that content is added to send an email to this e-group’s email address.

Alternatively this can be done with the Rules module but it is still in alpha version.

Thanks for your recommendations

Only for clarification, this kind of subscription used in the Bulletin is a kind of newsletter that informs or send mail to the people when something new is publised… is it ok?
Best regards