Teaser List Issues


I am trying to replicate the Teaser List Display Format as it appears at https://home.cern/news. Among some issues that I am currently encountering are the following:

  1. I already use date filters, but Calendar isn’t appeared to help user’s search. How can I achieve it?
  2. If the content type doesn’t have photo, the CERN logo isn’t appeared. I have also encountered the same problem with “Horizontal boxes” and it seems it’s not appeared at home.cern site as well. What’s wrong?

Problem with Teaser List:

Problem with Horizontal Boxes

Thanks in advance.

Dear Ioanni,

For the Calendar in Date fields you need to install the module Date Popup

Regarding the CERN logo in the preview list pattern this is only for home website. It’s not available for other websites. Feel free to use your own logo.

The horizontal boxes don’t have the CERN logo by design and they work as expected.

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Thank you Sotirios,

I installed the module and works perfectly!