Terms not available for basic pages

I’m using Permission by Term. I was wondering why I cannot set terms for basic pages but just for articles.
If I look at the fields for the Article content type I see field_tags

that is not present in the Basic Page content type fields:

Would it be enough to add a field_tags to Basic Page manually?
Thank you.

adding them manually, copying their settings from the “Article” type worked.
Maybe terms should be enabled by default on Basic Pages?

Dear Felice,

I tried to enabled it on a clean site and the module was working fine even on basic page.

Of course you have to add the tags field yourself first in any content type that is not present.

Also, just to let you know that the Permission by Term and Content Access modules are not compatible in case you use them both. If that’s the case then there will be times that one of them might work at a time.

You should always have only access module enabled on your website.