Test Drupal 8 website to be "published" after Drupal 9 migration

Hi! My team is just developing a test website in Drupal 8 that is supposed to be “launched” as an official website soon (probably already after Drupal 9 is introduced). How will be the upgrade done? Is cloning a Drupal 8 test website to Drupal 9 official website possible/affected somehow?
Thanks for your help!

Hi Iga

By default, test websites are not migrated. In the preceding week, you, or the owner of the website(s), should have received an e-mail explaining this. However, we are happy to migrate test websites on request! As such, please go ahead and submit a ticket on this matter: https://cern.service-now.com/service-portal/?id=sc_cat_item&name=Drupal-preserve&se=Drupal-Service

Once your test site is on the new infrastructure, you simply continue tinkering with it till it has reached a state you are comfortable with. Since the whole cloning process changes as part of this migration—and since a new Web Services interface remains in the works—I would encourage you to submit a new ticket at that point. We will then help find the best solution available and otherwise get things resolved for you.