Test website and error message "Application is not available" - Upgrade to Drupal 9


I am in charge of the Admin e-guide website and I tried to access the test version but I received an error message “Application is not available” (cf print screen attached).

As the website was mentioned on your yesterday’s list, I thought that it would be accessible today, do I have to wait or is this a real problem ?


Hi Caroline,

I’ve just had a catch up with one of the infrastructure team, who tells me that they are working on fixing some issues as a result of yesterday’s Zoom discussion. They are replacing the previews that we used yesterday with fixed ones and the majority should be ready by Monday.

I propose that you visit the preview of your website on Monday afternoon and see if you can access it.

If you are still having issues, please reply to this message.

Have a great weekend


I had the same issue as Caroline with my test url cerncandidatesurvey.webtest.cern.ch. but today with the latest email and with the new link candidatesurvey.webtest.cern.ch I receive a strange blank page


Could you please assist ?

Thanks for your help

Hi Rocio

I understand your confusion; it looks like the migration failed for your website. Please rest assured that this is not your fault, nor something which you triggered. I have raised this accordingly and we will get it resolved ASAP.


Hi again,
I start worrying because I keep receiving emails where urgent actions from my side are needed to upgrade to Drupal 9, and we cannot afford to shut down/lose data from our website because of this new version upgrade, could you please help me on how to proceed to run this migration smoothly? You mentioned this would get resolved ASAP 9 days ago.
Thanks in advance,

Hi Rocio
Could you please tell me what is yout current situation with your candidatesurvey.webtest.cern.ch?
Have you get the same message “Application is not available” or “Member for x seconds”?
Or could you have acess to the urgrade status report now?

Menber for X seconds

Thanks for your help