The module date_popup does not exist


I made a poor manipulation with Cyberduck (webdav) and deleted the date-popup module. Is there a way to rollback to a previous image of the folder?


Hey @pberset,

You can either re-install or add the module back on your website either by using cyberduck (drag and drop) or using the drupal GUI.
we can help you roll back to a previous state backup of your drupal site (a day or two old).



Thanks for your reply.

Yes I only realised that it was possible to download it from the Drupal library.
However now I notice a ton of errors in my module panel from other deprecated modules and updates to do. Since there was a migration recently and my website was not modified/used since installation, this was quite a surprise to find that many error messages in my control panel.

I’ll clean what I can before starting a new conversation if need be.


Hi Philippe

Just a quick message to encourage you to review all the modules you are receiving warnings on. If they are modules you no longer need, I would strongly recommend uninstalling and removing them entirely. The closer you can get your website to the CERN Drupal Distribution, the more we can manage for you. Anything that exceeds the functionality we provide centrally will, inherently, require continued maintenance.