The webiste encountered an unexpected error


I encounter a problem with my website. I can no longer edit my pages. I have the error message in attachment that appears. It was just after I installed the media library module.
Could you please help me to solve this issue ?

Best regards,

Hi Guylaine,

Did you try to uninstall the module from /admin/modules/uninstall ?


Basically, after checking, the problem seems not linked to the module but to the “embed media”.

I cannot add the button “insert media from library” to the active tool bar without selected “embed media” and when I do it, I have this errror message that appears.

I also have the message “operating in maintenance mode.Go online” on each pages…And when I want to access my website whem I am not login, I can’t because it says that the site is under maintenance. I do not know if it is all linked ?

You can bring your website online from here /admin/config/development/maintenance

As for the embed media module I have no idea. I have never used it. Maybe you should check on the module’s page for any known issues or bugs.

Thank you.
As for the module, it is a CERN module that I want use to add video to one of my basic page. I already installed it for another website and never had this problem…

Which theme are you using? In the error I see something related to theme templates of Classy and Seven.

I am using the CERN theme 2.6.9.

That’s weird. Do you use the media field in the same way as you used it in the other website that works fine?

Did you add it to a similar content type? Do you have translations enabled? Many things can affect the operation of a module.

It the error persists you can open a ticket to Drupal Service.

I would like to use it the same way I am using it for the following website: