[Theme] Webform style feedback for improvements

After some time working with WebForm, surveys, etc…
I’ve noticed some things doesn’t render in the same way depending the type, or sometimes some options are not represented on the style.

I will try to give my feedback based on examples.

I will start with a WebForm that includes few Likert elements of different types (quality, satisfaction and Custom) and a Textarea setup to show 10 lines.

On Default Drupal theme it looks like this

When changing to CERN theme the render is a bit inconsistent for the Likert elements depending on their type. Sometimes not using the complete width sometimes with different alignment right or left.

For the Textarea, the 10 rows settings is not persisted and it appears as 1 line textarea

Hello Eduardo,

Thank you for reporting the issue. I created a Gitlab issue and we will try to fix it asap to get in one of the next versions.


Hello Eduardo,

This issue is now resolved and will be deployed in version 2.6.1 of the CERN Theme. Likert elements have the same with regardless number of options


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thanks @kplatis.
Looking forward to see the change deployed soon in the infra.