Title directly linked to an Indico Event


I have two views for my “Indico events”, an Event Grid and a Collision:

For both views, I would like the title to be directly linked to the Indico page.
Is it possible?

Thanks is advance,


Hello everyone,
Is it possible to have some input about this question?

Hello Marie,

Unfortunately this is not visible in the current version, we might add it in a future one. For now you can link to the node and from there the users can visit the Indico event.

Let me know if you need something else.


Hi Marie,

Go to Structure->Content types and edit Indico Event content type. Go to Manage fields and add a new field of type link. Name it Title and link and Save.

Go to Manage Display, Switch to Agenda Box and map under the Link the new field and remove the Title field that you have there and Save.

Go to Structure->Feed types and edit the Indico feed. Go to mappings and create a new mapping for the new field Title and link and map it to Indico link and Title fields and Save.

Go to Content, click on feeds tab and delete the already imported items from your Indico feed and import again.

Now whenever you click on the event’s title on the card it will take you to the Indico page.

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Dear Sotirios
I have followed your instructions however I have an error.
I am not sure if I did the mapping correctly.
I will send you some images and the link, could you please tell me which error I did…?
Thanks a lot

Hi Almudena,

Once the restore issue with the website has been resolved let me know and I will have a look at it.

Hi Sotirias
At least I could recover my website.
OK I have errors regarding the mapping it seems I do not do in a properly way.
I started with only one Indico event General assembly.
See the image error.
Could you help me?
Than I must implement the same in Public meetings and conferences…

Hi Almudena,

Three changes were required.

The first was in Structure->Content Types->Indico Event

Under the Card tab in Manage Display you had mapped under Link both the old Link and the Title and Link new field. The old field needed to be disabled.

Second was in Structure->Feed types->Indico Feed

Under mappings you had the new field mapped in reverse. You had the Indico link in title and the tile in the URI field.

The third was in the events view. The Display format was in Teaser mode instead of Card.