Title in resource box - wrong color

Dear all,

I have a question.
How can I make my title of my Resource boxes have a white color?
I thought that this would be the default color, but here it is blue. And as well, how can I remove the icon of the center of the Resource box?

Could you please help me?

It is for the new CHIS website. I have included a screenshot showing what I mean.
Thank you for your time and help!


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Hello Evi,

If you don’t want the icon at the center of the Box then you should use an Article Box instead. Resource boxes are meant to link to resources thats why they have the icon in the middle.

Regarding the color, Article boxes have the option to choose what text color you want them to have.

Hope that helps,


Hello Kosta,

Ok, we will try with this one and will let you know if we need more help.

Thank you a lot!