Troubleshooting and "How to" resources

As a beginner, you probably wonder who you need to contact if you have an issue related to a Drupal issues.

To start with, you can find guidelines in the Webtools website.. As a Drupal beginner, the webtools website is your friend since it can guide you on how to start with a Drupal website, how to build it, theme it, maintain it and finally re-use the CERN-specific modules.

Furthermore, if you want a “quick answer” or guidance by the teams related to Drupal maintenace at CERN or by Drupal users, you can join the Drupal channel on Mattermost.

In addition, we have a community called Drupal Community, which is run by the teams related to Drupal maintenance and is responsible to help users build their websites. The Drupal community organizes meetings approximately every 2 weeks in order to solve issues with Drupal websites on-site. In order to get the latest news of the Drupal Community and invitations to the hack meetings, make sure to subscribe to the drupal-community e-group.

Finally, you can always open service tickets on CERN Service Now or send to the following e-mails:

  • , for issues related to theming and site building
  • for issues related to the Drupal Infrastructure.

However, the solutions of the last paragraph are not recommended because in those cases the answers stay outside the Drupal community. When you have a question related to Drupal issues, you are highly recommended to post it somewhere public (Forum, Mattermost etc) so that other users can see the answer, too.

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