Unable to install CERN Author info due to unmet dependencies


I would like to install CERN Author info, but when I try to, I have this error :

  • Unable to install CERN Author info due to unmet dependencies: core.entity_view_display.taxonomy_term.cern_authors.token (core.entity_view_mode.taxonomy_term.token)

I looked, and “Taxonomy” is already installed.

Do you know a fix for this please ?


Hi Sylvain

Thanks for reaching out, and apologies for the slow response. The CERN Author Info module is part of the CERN Paragraph Types module. Can you confirm whether you have this installed, or whether you tried to install that prior to the CERN Author Info module? We have seen this type of error occur when people have been attempting to enable the CERN Landing Page module through the UI. Can you please confirm whether you have been trying to install and/or enable this module, too?