Uninstalling CERN Toolbar

We are creating a new website for the AMS experiment and we would like to remove the “CERN accelerating science” header from our website.

However, we found the following in the “Extend” section:
“Provides CERN Toolbar. The CERN Toolbar is obligatory for all CERN Drupal websites so make sure that the checkbox on the left is ticked.”

What does the word “obligatory” mean in this case? Are we not allowed to uninstall the “CERN Toolbar” extension? What happens if we do?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Andrey,

We are in the process of updating the design guidelines to harmonise CERN websites and CERN’s digital presence. Within that process certain branding elements, including the toolbar, are being more strongly enforced. This is why for newly created websites the toolbar is obligatory.

Other experiments, such as ATLAS, have the toolbar as their websites are hosted at CERN. In addition, there are other AMS websites housed outside of CERN such as http://www.ams02.org/ and https://ams.nasa.gov/ . So if the toolbar poses an issue for your AMS website, you are free to create one outside CERN or move your content to one of the existing sites mentioned above and we can set up a redirect.

Hi Sotirios,

Thanks for the reply.
So, just to be clear, we are not allowed to uninstall the CERN toolbar on our CERN Drupal 8 website. Correct?

Yes, it might be an issue, and I am trying to avoid the situation when we have to start from scratch outside of CERN.

We (the New AMS Website team) are aware of the existence of the websites you mentioned. The idea was to make a new website and to use the web infrastructure of CERN, but to not be related to CERN in any way. Sounds funny, I know.

Hi Andrey,

If you are using CERN’s infrastructure you have to apply CERN’s design guidelines (CERN toolbar, CERN logo in footer etc.). There is no exception from that.

Thank you!