Unique value in a webform


I have set a unique value with a unique message for the last radio button element in my webform.
This function works but not in the way it has to: instead of displaying the unique message, the page just reloads when a user tries to resubmit the same information (and no message appears).
Is there anything can be done to make this work properly?

Hi Lina,

Check if in the Block Layout page of your website (/admin/structure/block) the Status Messages system block is enabled under your Main Content region.

If not then enable it, clear caches and try again.

Thank you Sotirios,
It solved my problem, but brought up another one.
Now people can see the error that we discussed in this post:

The Drupal infrastructure team looked into it but no problem has been found.

Do you know if it is possible to make this particular error message invisible to the website visitors?

They see the following now:

Hi Lina,

Go to Logging and errors page of your website (admin/config/development/logging) and make sure the value is set to none.

In theory no user (signed in or not) should be able to see the error messages but the admins.

This is weird error message though and it comes from the simplsamlphp module which is responsible for the authentication. I advise you to open a ticket about this to Drupal Infrastructure.

Thanks, Sotirios.
You solution worked again!
I opened a ticket two months ago about the simplsamlphp module error, but unfortunately, the source of the problem was not found.