Unknown error on a view, no preview


I deleted a view by mistake and had to recreate it, copying its defnition from my test site.
All work fine, apart from 2 grid views that have no preview in the edit page, and generate the following message when I try to open them.

The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.

I have checked test and prod vierw definitions and they seem to be exactly the same…

Other views than “Grid” (Collision or Block) work fine.

Website is:
PROD: visit.cern
TEST: cern.ch/test-visit
View is Events.
Page that raises the error is /events

Any idea or help would be more than welcome.


Hi Francois,

I took a look and there is no error in https://test-visit.web.cern.ch/events

Maybe the error is cached on your browser. I can see the Preview in edit mode properly.

By the way the category ID 7823 doesn’t have any events in your test site. I filtered the view with the other category 12459 and I could see the events properly.

Hi Sotirios,

The error is on the PROD site, not the TEST one.
I know there is no event in category 7823 (we have cancelled all public events) but the view should display at least the filter criteria and that there is no current event. I also have a “past events” view, which would show entries. That one also fires an error.


Hi Francois,

It’s fixed. For some reason the start and end dates filters in the view had wrong default values.

Thanks Sotirios. In order not to reproduce this error, what default values do you speak about?


The Start and End date filters had text in the Value field of PROD website. The values in text were dd/mm/yyyy.

The value field needs either to stay empty or enter a date in that format.

OK thanks.