Update banner / header


I’d like to kindly ask for your advice to update the Header (banner) image of cern.ch/diversity-and-inclusion.

We do not use a CERN theme but an HR theme…

I have :

  • mounted the website and saved the image of the new / prospective banner I’d like to upload in the folder “themes”.
  • and modified the “global.css” file (which is in the themes folder, in cern-diversity, in the CSS file), to include this new photo…

However the website is still not updated - instead, it keeps the old banner image which you can see now… although I even deleted it from the folder of the mounted website…

Would be very thnakful for your tips !

Hello Ioanna,

Did you try to clear the caches?

Just follow Administration > Configuration > Development > Performance and click on “Clear all caches”


Dear Konstantinos, dear All,

That is very helpful & works indeed J Thank you so much!

May I kindly also ask you: I would like to change the banner size so that it is as Wide as the navigation bar (its height is perfect now)

However, I don’t find how to do this via the CSS. Would you have any tips for this?

I would v much appreciate it J


Hello Ioanna,

Can you provide a URL of the website?


Sure, here it is again cern.ch/diversity-and-inclusion.

Hello again Ioanna,

I experimented a bit locally with the background image. Try to change the styling from:

background: #0E163E url("../images/no_logo_banner.png") center top


background: #0E163E url("../images/no_logo_banner.png") right top

so actually change center to right. The center attribute actually sets the image to be starting from the center of the background. However in your case you want to be starting from the right side.

Don’t forget to clear the caches after applying the change!


Dear Konstantinos,

Thank you so much for the prompt reply!

However, what I’m trying to do is not to move the banner but to actually simply make it less wide !
I would like its width to be as wide as the navigation/menu bar (from “About” to “Contact”)…

Therefore the “center top” formatting does not need to change, I have the impression…

Would you know how to moddify the banner size - and particularly width?

We did not continue the discussion here as Konstantinos answered to my question via the ENTICE forum in the end…