Updating indico feeds

We have a drupal page with indico import. So far it subscribed to one indico category. (Also, it hasn’t been set up by me, so I was mainly clicking around the configuration to figure out how to configure it)


top left:
I found one place where the imported indico category is specified and the explanation of the field says indico categories are comma separated.

I tried importing from a second category (added 9320) that category has a public event atm that i want to be displayed (bottom left), yet it doesn’t appear on the webpage (right)

Any ideas what I’m missing?

I also tried to look up what the page is doing:

  • on structure→views→(view that’s showing the entries) that the view gets its content from node 8 (filter criteria), node 8 is the page on the bottom right, it’s configuration on the top left
  • on blocks I looked up that block using this view is exclusively shown on node 17 (the page on the top right)

thanks in advance

(sorry if I don’t manage to get the page/content/block/view terminology right)

The import of the feeds is done automatically after 6 hours by default. You can change this at Structure->Feeds importers->;(Indico feed)Override->;Settings or directly at

Last import for this node seemed to be 4 hours ago which was before the new feed was added. To speed up the process one can always perform the import manually at the import tab. In your case you can perform it at:

This solves this issue and the events appear properly now.

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