Upload a file an link to it

I would like to upload a file and create a link to it from a Basic Page
How can I do that?
Many thanks

Hey @arduini,

Do you mean creating a link for a specific file or text that redirects users to the target upon clicking ? If not then could you be slightly more detailed with respect to your query.

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I mean uploading a file to the web site and create then a URL link to it from a web page. I could only find how to attach files but not how to simply upload files to the web site directory /sites/default/files/ and then create an URL link

Hey @arduini,

In order to achieve what you require and fetch the desired output you can upload the file/media via connecting to webdav. Please refer to the documentation How do I Access WebDAV Using Cyberduck? | Drupal @ CERN.
Once you are connected, you can upload (paste) the source file/media in the files folder under the respective target location you wish for.

Refer to the screenshot attached

Upon successful establishment of connection with Webdav and uploading the file, follow the following steps to create a hyperlink for the same :

  • Go to Edit of your content (Basic page content type in your case)

  • Therein go to the Source

  • Embed the code in the source as basic plain HTML (Refer to the Code snippet below)

<a href="source_of_the_file">
  • SAVE

Note : The Source(src) of the file should be the location where the file was uploaded (when connected via webdav).
Example : src="/sites/website_name/files/images/inline-images/image_name.png"

I hope this helps. In case of any further issues feel free to write us back.


Thank you! It worked


Glad to know it worked for you. You can mark the above as solution.

Please do not hesitate to create a new post if you encounter any issues or queries in future.