Upload pdf and link on D8-made site

I’m new to D8 at CERN. I just got my website activated with D8 at CERN.

I am setting up my (static) webpage with some personal information.

How do I upload a pdf of my full CV and link it within a paragraph in a page in drupal 8?

I have looked around but all solutions seem to involve “new modules/extensions”: a concept which I don’t understand.

Can’t believe it’s not possible in the baseline D8 cern installation?


Hello Giuseppe and welcome in the community,

In order to simply look a file:

  1. Mount your website locally using webdav
  2. In your mounted website you will find a file structure. Place your file under /files, either on the root or in a subfolder. For example under /files/docs/my_cv.pdf
  3. In order to access it from a public URL you need to access it via https://<your_website>.web.cern.ch/sites/<your_website>.web.cern.ch/files/<rest_of_the_url> , where in our example <rest_of_the_url> will be /docs/my_cv.pdf

Let me know if it works.


Thanks Kostas.
However, it doesn’t seem to work already at step 1.

Finder tries to connect to the server and gives me a connection error. I followed the instructions for a Mac, put my own website name. But nothing…
"There was a problem connecting to the server “salaman.web.cern.ch”. etc

Hey Giuseppe,

The documentation mentions that you should connect to https://<sitename>.web.cern.ch/_webdav, so in your case its https://salaman.web.cern.ch/_webdav


Ah sorry, took the path for D7…

It works!

Thanks a lot, Kostas.