Using a scale element in a webform

While using a webform element, more precisely a “scale”, the end results does not reflect the one shown in the build mode (see screenshot below).

Also, when filling out the form, when one clicks on any number the number does not highlight. Therefore it seems like the question would not be answered.

Hello Eszter and welcome,

Can you please provide a URL of the form to have a better look?


Yes, of course! It’s the second page of

Hello Eszter,

Thank you for reporting it. I tested it and I confirm that it is a theming bug so I will apply a fix for the next patch version of the theme. The general problem is that the scale element does not render as it should.

Good thing is that webforms offer a big range of alternative elements that can be used so until then, I propose the following changes:

  • Overall, how would you rate your Summer Student experience at CERN?: You can change this question to a rating element (stars)
  • How likely is it that you would recommend our internship programme?: You can change this to a Likert element

Let me know if that works for you


Hello Konstantinos,

Many thanks for looking into the matter. When would you expect the issue to be fixed? If it’s in a week time, I can definitely wait. Otherwise, I am happy to use a different element type, no problem with that!

Indico link bug
On the same website there was an ical bug on the Indico agenda boxes, which is now fixed. Thank you very much for that. However, there still seems to be an issue with the Indico links themselves (E.g. “Indico link” on The link should redirect the user to Indico, whilst it just directs them to the same page.

Would it be possible to fix this issue the following way?
When one lands on and clicks on a title of an event, the link would direct them to Indico without the intermediate page

Many thanks,

Hello Eszter,

Unfortunately it will take some time since the fixes are deployed “in packages” every couple of months (approximately) and the last deployment was last week.

I understand what you mean by that and it is already requested by other users too so we will try to find a solution. For now it is not possible though so the best you can do is redirect the users to the page and then they can visit the indico event if needed.