Video upload


I would like to upload videos in the Body of a page via the editor.There is ony the option for Image. Is the same possible for Video? If yes, how?

(The videos are self-made videos and are not stored e.g. on CDS.)

(I tried the Video module but the video would be a separate field.)

Thank you for your help!

Hello Salome,

According to this Stackexchange answer, if you enable Video Embed Field module (not sure if its the one you already enabled), you get the option to also upload videos in CKEditor.

Try the instructions and let me know if it works.


Thanks for your reply.

The Video Embed Field module only provides a link for an external URL but no upload option.

I added a Media type: Video ; and uploaded my video in Content -> Media. And then followed the instructions mentioned here: and it works.

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