View exposed filters


after creating a view and having different sorting and some exposed filter criterias, the search form is somehow on the page itself not nicely displayed.

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

How can I get it displayed in a single line like in the view creation (Picture 1)?



This is a fixed issue. It will be deployed in v2.6.4 of CERN Theme. If you cannot wait for it to be deployed, you can install the Release Candidate of the Theme.


When does the next version get deployed?
Could you tell me how the installation process works? (I’m a Beginner)

Hello Nadine,

Its not sure yet but in the next few weeks since we are closing the version.

You dont have to do anything. Modules and themes that are installed in the centralized infrastructure (eg. CERN Theme, components, display formats etc) are updated automatically. You will receive an e-mail when the update will be executed.


Hello Konstantinos, okay, thank you! Cheers, Nadine