View slideshow installation issue

Good morning everyone,

I’ m trying to install the View slideshow module.
This module requires some javascript libraries.
I’ve downloaded them and put them in themes/cernoverride/libraries and after that I tried to declare them as dependencies in my cernoverride.libraries.yml but it’s not working.

Is it the right place to declare dependencies for external libraries? Do you have any hint on what am i doing wrong?

Thank you in advance!


Dear Andrea,

Why don’t you use one of the CERN components to build a slideshow (Hero header, Image gallery, Slider)?

You just need to enable them on your website and then follow the instructions on how to add slides on webtools website.

Hello Andrea,

I agree with Sotirios. Most probably, one of CERN components can do what you want to implement instead of View slideshow module.

Can you give as a use case which can help us to understand what you want to implement?

Best regards,

Hello everyone,

first of all, thank you for your help.

I want to replicate what’s on the main page of the ep-dep website.
As you can see there’s a slideshow that cycle through images (drupal articles in this case).

Does the slider or the image gallery from CERN components cycle through slides?

The hero header component can do that (cycles through slides).


I’m subscribing to Andrea’s request. I would like to display a block with a views slideshow cycling on HTML text fields.
I have the same questions as Andrea.
Thank you in advance!

Hi Jan,

I don’t quite understand what you mean. Could you please create a new post and provide some more details in your query?


Since the module Views Slideshow is installed centrally on the infra, we (Drupal Admins) have installed the required JS libraries on the code base, so now should be available for any site.

But, please note that the prefered method to create Slideshow effects is the Landing Pages and the CERN Components, this will ensure proper transition in the future Drupal upgrades.


Hello Eduardo,

Thanks a lot!