View with OwlCarousel

Hello everyone,

I’m moving the EP-DEP website to drupal8.
Since I would like to keep the same look as the main CERN website I would like to replicate the “Upcoming events” view.

Is it possible to do so using only the CERN theme or I have to modify the view twig?

Also I saw that it uses owlcarousel, but even after installing owlcarousel module I couldn’t replicate the view (the resulting html was different)

Thank you in advance,

Hello Andrea,

Yes it is possible to do it using the CERN theme along with the CERN Display Formats module. However the current version of the module supports only the Horizontal Boxes display and the Accordion display.

The next version of the module which will be deployed in a couple of weeks will include the dates carousel and the countdown. If it is urgent I can provide a work-around but using the module is for sure a cleaner solution.


I’ll wait for the next version of the module!
Thank you Kostas!

Hey Andrea. Just to let you know that the version is already deployed in the CERN Display Formats module. Follow the documentation and you will be able to replicate the views. If you have any more question, reply here or open a new issue.