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Hi, I would like to have different Sort Criteria depending on the vocabulary : one by alphabetical order, another by date. Is it possible to create different page view depending on the vocabulary ? I tried several things, including changing the path /taxonomy/term/%, changing the vocabulary in the Contextual filters… but I did not manage to do it. Thanks for your help !

Hello @srohr and welcome to the community,

If I understand correctly you refer to the default taxonomy term view, where a view displays content tagged with the taxonomy you just visited right? If you are not sure you can send a link of the view.


Yes, the default taxonomy term view. I would like my tagged content with my vocabulary ‘categories_for_news’ to be displayed by Sort Criteria “Authored on”. All the other taxonomy terms from the other vocabularies by “Title”.

I found that :
Would there a be a solution with the current Drupal version ?

For now it looks assigned to version 8.9 of Drupal core (we are currently in 8.8) but it is not sure whether it will be deployed with 8.9 or with another version.

A lot of answers online mention the Taxonomy Views Integration modules that allows you to set different views for taxonomies. I haven’t used it though so I cannot guarantee for it…

Works great! Thanks a lot!

Hey Marie,

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