Webfest 2019 Hackathon @ CERN

Dear Drupal community,

the Webfest is a hackathon at CERN that takes place for 26 - 28 July 2019. At Webfest, mainly CERN summer students (yet everyone working at CERN is welcome!) come together to work on projects using open web technologies.

The goal of the Webfest is to give the hackers the opportunity to fulfil own ideas and to learn new skills and methods.

The web applications they develop during the course of the Webfest are aiming to encourage the public to learn more about CERN, the LHC, physics or science in general.

As a mentor, you support the hackers while they are working on their projects druing the main hacking session (Saturday 27 July) with your expertise and experience. This could be web development, coding, project management, gamification etc.

There will be free lunch and coffee/snacks for all participants. (hackers + mentors)

For more information check https://webfest.web.cern.ch/.

And of course: Further input and ideas concerning the Webfest are highly welcome! Maybe you have a good idea to improve the participant’s experience during the Webfest itself? Or an idea in respect to a specific solution the participants could work on?

If you have any further questions related to this year’s Webfest, don’t hesitate to ask.