Webform displays fields twice

Hi please could anyone explain what I am doing wrong that is causing drupal to add 2 lines below “total funding amount (in Euro)” instead of only 1? URL: is https://test-hep-project-gfs.web.cern.ch/form/cofund-survey-for-the-period-jan

That line belongs to the second field below (2 Specify the number…).

Hello @pmarinho,

The issue is in the configuration of your fields. More specifically I will focus on the “double” fields:

As you can see there are 4 fields:

  1. Last Name (green)
  2. a text (red)
  3. Total Funding (blue)
  4. another text (orange)

For all 4 of them you chose Text Field. Text Field is an input field, meaning that it expects an input from the user. For the fields that you want to just display text (dissermination and the other text) you should choose another type of element. If you want to just display text without expecting input from the user, then you should choose one of the Markup elements (probably Basic HTML or Advanced HTML)

Thats all, let me know if something is not clear.


Crystal clear, many thanks for the support with that.