Webform issue


on my D9 site I just realized that the web form
appear with twice the title

(you see the 1 close to one title because I was looking where it was taken from … )

This seems to be due an error of the content type (it is used webform with body instead then just web form)
indeed I tried to create a new page
and this looks better

but as I didn’t create this page I am wonder to modify the original and my question is : can I change the type of a page from webform with body to webform and keep all the rest of the setting as it is ?
or how can I be sure that the 2 forms contains the same setting ?

thanks in advance


Webform is a module that helps you create webforms for your site while the one you wrote about seems to be a custom content type : Webform with body.

We recommend to use the webform module for contact, feedback forms etc. You can create a content type for a webform submission and have the settings you wish for.

In your case you can replicate the same settings of the webform with the custom content type you have since it carries the same functionality to that of a webform(Structure → Content type → Webform → Edit) but you can not change a page that has a certain content type to another content type. By the book one should create a new content under that content type.

I hope this helps.


Hello @gianolio ,

Your first webform seems to be attached to a node.
If this is the case, the following might help to remove one of the titles:

Go to https://genhet.web.cern.ch//admin/structure/block

find “the page title” → configure → pages → hide for the listed pages → type the page address after the slash → save block

Kind regards,

thank you Lina, I did as you suggested and listed
but it does not seems to work … (the title is always there … )
Sincerely I do not know why the author created a block for the webform … it sounds so strange to me