Webform send email for different submit permission

Hi All,

I need help for email with webform.

the website : https://test-2-ep-th-safety.web.cern.ch/isiec-safety-clearance

My goal is to send an email when an user submit a form.
And when an admin check and fill the safety clearance (page access and view in webform only by admin) and submit, I want to send another type of email.

I am an standard user with standard access, i fill the form. When i submit i receive an email “You have send a form for the experiment… Expert will be notified”

I am an expert, i check the form an fill the Safety Clearance page (in the same form). Then when i submit, an email is send to the user and other involved people “An expert has check you declaration, the site is safe (or not)…”

I know how send email when form is submit, but i don’t know how (and if it’s possible) to send different type of email depending of the permission of the people which submit for example, or only if the Safety Clerance page is fill for example.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

didn’t dig too much on your use case, but i guess some combination of Email handler with specific Conditions based on the submissions fields might work.

something like, If certain field is not set send the first email template.
on another Email handler, if the field is set send the final confirmation email based on the assesment of the expert after updating the webform submission