Webform submit button does not appear even if I added it

After creating a couple of webform templates, and creating the “live” webforms. I lost the “submit” button on all of them.
I added a preview button and I would expect to see the submit one once the preview has been generated but it doesn’t apprear.
When I go back to the “build” section of the templates, the submit button is still ticked.
Anyone can help with this please?
Thanks a lot


Can you provide a link of your form?


Hello Konstantinos and thank you!
Here they are

templates are:

I just re-ordered the buton element to the first level, and it seems to be back on!

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Hi Anais,

The submit button might disappear if some of your fields require an input and have validations. If there is no input or validations are not met then the buttons disappears.

On top of what @sboutas mentioned, I noticed the fact that your form has 3 steps:
1. Start
2. Preview
3. Complete

If I understand correctly, you expect in the first step (Start) to have the submit button, which basically does not make sense since the second step is the Preview. When the users finish step 1, they should be directed to the Preview step, as a result the button in step 1 should be labeled as “Preview”, not “Submit”.

After they are directed to the Preview step, the button changes to Submit, which also makes sense since in the third step (final) the form is submitted.

In my understanding there is no bug and both the process and the buttons are correct. What you can do is to re-label the preview button, for example to “Proceed” or “Preview your submission”. The following GIF shows how you can do it.

What I wouldnt recommend would be to name it “Submit” because it is misleading. When the users press Submit, they expect the form to be submitted, not previewed.

Hope that helps,