Website super slow

Dear Colleague,
i have been adding some information to the website
Every time i need to edit or add any information i need to wait for a long time until the operation is finished. Also browsing in the website seems to be a problem.
Could you please advise on this issue?

Hello Joao,

I have overwritten and increased the default resource limits for your site. The site should perform better now. Please check and let us know. If needed, we can try more optimizations from the infra.


thanks! it works much better!

Is this something that we can do on our own sites ? is taking seconds to create new fields in content types.

Hi all —

If your website continues to be slow over an extended period of time (i.e. more than, say, an afternoon), please submit a ticket to us directly. In the vast majority of cases, the issue is transient and related to the underlying infrastructure. If, on the other hand, you begin to experience issues shortly after making changes to your website, e.g. by adding a new module or removing something, please try and clear your website’s caches (either by running drush cr or by going through the Drupal interface under Performance) as well as the caches of your browser.