When I make a change in a display of a view, the change is applied in all displays


I want to have a view in page display of my content in Grid format with 6 columns and the block display in Grid format with 4 columns. I changed the numbers of the columns manually in the page and the block display. But whenever I change the one or the other it automatically updates the other one, so that one display format is always not the one I want.

Is it possible to set different Grid column numbers in one view? How can I do that?
Or should I duplicate the view and then change (so one view for page and one for block display)?

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Hello Nadine,

Nice question. As you already know in a view you can have multiple displays in order to show the same view in different ways / inherit settings etc.

When you make a change in a display you have the option to change it either for this display (the one you are currently editing) or for all displays. By default a change is applied for all displays.

In your case you are modifying the settings of the display format of the view. In order to make the settings be applied only for this specific display, you should click on the format and modify the setting to applied only for this display like in the GIF below.

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Hello Konstantinos, quick and easy solution, thank you!