Without Cern login, website does not work


If one is not logged on, and after removal of the browser history, a lot of links on the website do not work, and a lot of pictures are not shown.

e.g. on this page : https://photoclub.web.cern.ch/contents/photo-month-2019

The message that I get in firefox seems to suggest that the links to the photo’s are http and not https.
I looked in the code and saw that the pictures were indeed pointed to via http:// instead of /sites/…

2, After that the firefox message disappears, but there are still no photo’s shown on the page.

Sorry to ask for help in this way, but with my lightweight account I can not make a ticket.

Please help.

–> There is another type of problem on the site (with links), but I will make another “cry for help”, as it is maybe not the same phenomenon. Maybe it is, I do not know.


It works fine for me.

In theory everything on Drupal 8 sites should be only https accesible. So if for some unknown reason you are getting those links on http, the browser will certainly try to block the load of those images for security reasons.
Could you please add some screenshots of your problem?
But first try to start a clean session on your browser.


Sorry Eduardo, I solved this problem already. I deleted all photo’s from the page, and inserted them again on that page.

The page was originally copied from the previous website, and something went wrong. First, I did not understand as photoclub18 was a copy, but then I remembered that this page was made AFTER the copy. o the directory with the photo’s was not available on this cloned version.

Conclusion : I made a mistake.